We will provide you with a simple to use platform where you can mixer your coins and achieve true anonymity on the blockchain network.
As soon as your Solana is sent to us, it is mixed into our large pool.
Combining your transactions with thousands of other transactions which have been recorded on our platform makes it almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location and source of the Solana.
We also make use of a special algorithm to digitally "mark" any coins sent to us by a user.
This is to make sure we don't send that same coin back to the user.

Do you charge any transaction fee?

Yes, we charge a service fee, choose yourself the transaction fee of 0.17% to 3%.
A standard mix is the basis of a simple mix for small amounts of bitcoins, blockchain confirmation may take longer.
A premium mix is for maximum security only suitable for larger amounts of bitcoins, blockchain confirmation is much faster.

What is a mix delay?

This consists of scrambling the entry time when you send your cryptocurrency and the exit time from our pool.
A mix delay is to make your cryptocurrency more private and increase security so that you are not tracked.
The more hours you increase, the greater your anonymity will be.
If you choose 4 hours your cryptocurrency will be sent to you 4 hours late, for example it is 6 am you will receive your cryptocurrency at 10 am.
If you have chosen 0 by default, it means that you will receive your cryptocurrency immediately after 1 confirmation.
You can manage your hours yourself from 0 to 50 hours 00 minutes.

What is the difference between Solana tumbler and Solana mixer?

There is no difference between the terms Solana tumbler or mixer.
They're two terms which mean the same thing.

What can be done when I send lesser than the required amount of Solana?

If you send lesser than the required amount of Solana to our platform the transaction will not be processed.
Our platform will only start the processing of your transaction if you send the required amount of Solana.
Minimum deposit is 1 SOL and the maximum deposit is 20000 SOL.

I accidentally sent a higher amount, what can I do?

Rest assured if you have sent an amount higher than that indicated on our site you are in good hands, just contact us so that we can return your Solana.

What do I do if my browser crashes during the mixer?

If your browser crashes during the mixer process, and your participation is already paid, then the transaction and mixer process will continue.
Don't forget to back up your PGP before you start.

How long will session and address for coin transfer remain valid?

When you leave your browser, you also have the option of destroying the session yourself.

I want to make a new mix, how do I do this?

If you want to proceed to a new mix, it's simple you just have to destroy your session by clicking on the red button (Destroy this session).

How long will you keep the PGP signature?

AES-256, We store your PGP signing key for 48 hours after mixing to prevent accidental issues, after which it will be automatically deleted.
This time frame has not been chosen at random if any problems or transactional errors occur on the sender's side, this time frame is sufficient to resolve issues and delays, thus ensuring the protection of our customers' assets.

After 48 hours, can I still appeal with my PGP guarantee letter?

The answer and no, you can no longer appeal after the 48 hours as stated above, we only keep your PGP letter of guarantee for 48 hours, after which any claim is considered close.
We recommend that you contact us before the 48 hours have elapsed at best the same day if you encounter a problem.

What is a letter of guarantee?

When we provide you with a Solana address, to which you can send your coins to mix, we provide a digitally signed confirmation that this address was really generated by us.
For your peace of mind we always provide you with such letter and sign it with a PGP signature.
You may verify our digital sign using our public key.
The Letter of Guarantee is the only proof of our obligations.
Please always save the Letter of Guarantee before you send your coins to us.

How can I check a letter of guarantee?

To check a letter of guarantee, install a PGP client (for example, PGP4Win), import a public key from the website to the installed client and verify a letter of guarantee.

I had a problem with my mixer unfortunately I did not register my warranty letter, what should I do?

Before you worry, check if you haven't saved your letter of guarantee somewhere on your computer in your files or as a .txt file some also save to a USB stick, Micro SD, if you haven't saved your only proof of mixing the PGP letter of guarantee with signature, we will not be able to help or refund you.

Can i trust you with my Solana?

We offer a protection against accidental errors or deliberate actions to all our clients – all incoming orders are coupled with letters of guarantee signed with PGP keys.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our website by clicking on the "Contact" button at the top of the page.